Our Story

Our story

We have been working as an investment team for more than a decade.  Our  investment experience includes a strong background in banking having both worked at several area banks.  This experience and training is very helpful when working with investors who want to protect and grow their money.  We are proud to have also returned to our banking roots as we are the only financial services representatives contracted by Commstar Credit Union in Lorain County to help Commstar members with their investment and insurance goals and needs*.


Our team approach is very unique in the industry and leads us to work together on 95% or more of our appointments.  “Most folks choose to work with both of us as two heads are better than one, but some prefer a male or female so we have that easily covered as well.”  We believe in a high service model and use our cell phones to communicate with our clients and we are happy to meet at our office in Avon, the client’s home, or a local library or restaurant.


“We pride ourselves in client education.”


We take pride in building long lasting relationships and helping clients with a very important part of their finances that can be worrisome and hard to understand.  Over the years, we have learned that the “understanding” piece is something that is ultra-important.  Educating prospects and clients is one of the pillars of our practice.  “This is such an important foundation to a long lasting and two-way relationship.”  So, in summary, we take the time to educate our clients and allow them to make these important decisions at their own pace with our counsel.


“Fun client appreciation events are a regular part of our practice!”


We value our clients and celebrate that by holding three client appreciation dinners each year.  “We play bingo, have local music talent perform, and do other unique things to make the nights fun!”  “These have been great nights over the years because current clients bring their relatives and friends and frequently we end up helping these people as well and build long lasting relationships with them!”

*Commstar Credit Union is independent of and not affiliated with Lincoln Investment or Capital Analysts.